The 10 Best WooCommerce Themes for WordPress (2022): Pros and Cons


With so many WooCommerce themes available in the WordPress marketplace, it can be difficult to choose just one among the many. It’s an important decision to make, however, as the one you choose will ultimately control your store’s design and the customization options you’re able to apply.

In this post, we’re going to cover 10 of the best WooCommerce themes the WordPress industry has to offer.

We’ll wrap up with what you should look for in a WooCommerce theme as well as how to choose the right one for you.

Let’s get into it.

The 10 Best WooCommerce Themes in 2022

01. Divi – $89

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a versatile and highly-customizable theme available from Elegant Themes.

It has a built-in page builder that allows you to create well-designed pages and even comes with hundreds of pre-made designs for you to use.

  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce that allows you to build custom Checkout and Shopping Cart pages with the Divi Builder
  • Shop module that allows you to add individual products and product categories to any page
  • Custom style options for shop pages
  • 12 layout packs for online stores with multiple templates in each one
  • Well-designed pricing tables
Divi Shop Page


  • Great way to build a custom store, especially if you also need a fully-fledged website and/or blog
  • $89 price tag also comes with social share and email opt-in plugins


  • Divi is notorious for having intermittent performance issues and a heavy reliance on shortcodes that aren’t cleaned up when you deactivate the theme

02. Meridian One Plus – $59

Meridian One Plus WordPress Theme

Meridian One Plus is a one-page business theme built for modern businesses. It supports the live theme customizer by allowing you to customize numerous style options from the frontend.

  • Dedicated Products section for the homepage
  • WooCommerce integration comes with well-designed product, Shopping Cart and Checkout pages
  • Sleek pricing tables
Meridian One Plus Product Page


  • Great option for businesses that need full landing pages with sections for products
  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Fantastic price


  • Not a suitable option for stores that need dedicated shop layouts with places for featured products, different product categories, etc.

03. Shopkeeper – $69

Shopkeeper WordPress Theme

Shopkeeper is a dedicated WooCommerce theme from Power Elite ThemeForest Author getbowtied.

It has numerous design options and comes with a premium page builder.

  • Multiple layouts for your homepage, shop pages and product pages
  • Different layouts for different types of products
  • WooCommerce page builder elements integrated with WPBakery Page Builder plugin (formerly Visual Composer)
  • Style options can be customized easily in the live theme customizer
Shopkeeper Product Page


  • Flexible shop layouts, different header layouts and multiple pagination modes
  • Wide selection of layouts to choose from


  • Its official page builder integration is WPBakery Page Builder, which has fallen behind newer and more intuitive page builders over the years years

04. Porto – $59

Porto WordPress Theme

Porto is a multipurpose WordPress theme built for businesses and professional blogs.

Its many homepage layouts include a few options for WooCommerce stores.

  • 20+ shop layouts to choose from
  • Customizable shop categories
  • Easy to customize with the extensive theme and style options available in the live theme customizer
Porto Product Page


  • Numerous shop page layouts to choose from for a custom look
  • Competitively priced


  • Official page builder integration is WPBakery Page Builder

05. Flatsome – $59

Flatsome WordPress Theme

Flatsome is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme from Power Elite Author UX-themes. It comes with its own built-in page builder developed by UX-themes themselves.

  • 15 shop layouts to choose from
  • Multiple layouts for category and product pages
  • Customizable theme and style options in the live theme customizer
Flatsome Product Page


  • Unlike most ThemeForest themes that integrate with WPBakery Page Builder, Flatsome comes with the developer’s own UX Builder page builder
  • Comes with a small handful of business landing page layouts if you need both


  • While they can be customized to look more modern, many of the premade layout designs are a bit dated and in need of work

06. Woondershop – $79

Woondershop WordPress Theme

Woondershop is a dedicated WooCommerce theme packed with features that’ll help you optimize your store for conversions. It has three well-designed layouts to choose from and comes with unique functionalities.

  • Three homepage layouts, including one inspired by
  • Product suggestions in search bar
  • Cross-selling widget allows you to add similar products and “frequently bought together” products to product pages
  • Distraction-free checkout with removal of headers, footers and sidebars
  • Multiple category layout options
Woondershop Product Page


  • Easy to build a well-designed online store optimized for conversions without having to rely on third-party plugins
  • Great price considering the ecommerce functionalities built into it


  • There’s only one layout for product pages

07. Shoptimizer – $99

Shoptimizer WordPress Theme

Shoptimizer is a dedicated WooCommerce theme made by CommerceGurus, a developer behind a collection of themes and plugins for WooCommerce. It goes beyond offering shop layouts by including features designed to increase your conversions.

  • Multiple product page layouts for simple products, product variants, products that can be grouped with other products and more
  • Removes header, footer and sidebar from Checkout page to minimize distractions
  • Corner pop-up notifications that appear and display storewide when customers complete purchases
  • Countdown timers and stock counters that encourage urgency
Shoptimizer Product Page


  • Competitively priced given the amount of functionalities built into the theme
  • Integrates with Elementor for additional customizations


  • There’s only one homepage layout, which could use an update

08. XStore – $59

XStore WordPress Theme

XStore is a dedicated WooCommerce theme made by Power Elite Author 8theme. It can be used to build several different types of WooCommerce sites.

  • 75+ homepage layouts for different purposes and niches
  • Multiple layouts for Shop page, product pages and content pages
  • Comes with a few premium WooCommerce plugins for free
  • Compatible with multi-vendor plugins
  • Expansive list of theme and style options
XStore Product Page


  • Plenty of homepage layouts to choose from
  • Good option for multi-vendor marketplaces
  • Competitively priced


  • Uses WPBakery Page Builder as its official page builder integration

09. Astra Pro – $59+

Astra Pro WordPress Theme

Astra Pro is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed to suit different types of niches.

It offers several homepage layouts for stores and even a few ecommerce features.

  • 10+ homepage demos for online stores
  • Multiple display options for Shop page
  • Multiple Checkout page variations
  • Ability to build custom pages and customize the theme extensively with support for page builders and the live theme customizer
Astra Pro Product Page


  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Supports the Elementor and Beaver Builder page builder plugins


  • Only one product page layout
  • Some features, such as additional add-ons for Elementor and Beaver Builder, are only available in higher-priced plans

10. Hawthorn – $49

Hawthorn WordPress Theme

Hawthorn is a blog and shop theme from Solo Pine, a developer of elegant blog themes.

It’s a blog theme first and foremost, but it does allow you to add a Shop page to your site.

Key Features for WooCommerce

  • Simple yet well-designed Shop, Cart and Checkout pages
  • Elegant product pages that complement the blogging aspects of the theme quite well
Hawthorn Product Page


  • Wonderful option for lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers interested in selling their own products
  • Fantastic price


  • Every homepage layout only features posts from your blog, meaning you can’t showcase products on it

How to Choose Best WooCommerce Themes for Your Needs

Every WooCommerce theme suits a different purpose and comes with numerous functionalities. Some even suit multiple purposes. What you need to do is determine which features matter to you most as well as which ones will help you achieve your goals most efficiently.

Start by considering how you’ll use WooCommerce. Are you building a fully-fledged online store or a professional website or blog that simply has an online store?

It may seem like a small detail, but it may wind up having the biggest impact on the theme you decide to go with.

Next, consider how you want your store to function. This one is tricky, however, since you can always install a plugin to implement a feature a theme doesn’t support natively. Still, having certain features built into your theme by default will make building your site that much easier.

Consider the intricate details each theme offers. For example, some of the themes featured above offer different product page layouts, giving you a few different ways to showcase your products.

Some themes even have eCommerce functionalities built into them natively. Not only do they help you increase your conversions, they also negate the need to find third-party plugins that’ll help you accomplish the same things.

Lastly, consider each theme’s design and customization options.

Choose a theme that has a design that will complement your products seamlessly. Also, consider the theme options it offers as they’ll determine how much you’re able to customize page layouts and the overall styles your store uses.

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