11 Best WordPress Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugins (Expert Review)

Best WordPress Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugins

Do you want the best coming soon and maintenance mode plugin for your WordPress site?

You want to pick one that makes it easy to enable these modes as soon as you need. You also need to make sure it’s compatible with the rest of your website.

In this guide, we reveal the best coming soon and maintenance mode plugins you can use. We’ve included both free and paid options so you can choose the one that best fits your website.

Top 3 Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugins

Plugin Best For? Pricing Money Back
SeedProd High-impact pre-launch and downtime experiences $39.50/yr 14 days
Thrive Architect Conversion-focussed website owners $79/yr 30 days
Divi Coming Soon Complete design freedom $89/yr 30 days

How We Test and Review Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Plugins

We picked the best WordPress maintenance mode and coming soon plugins by looking at their features, user reviews, and how well they integrate with WordPress. Here’s our process:

Features: We delved deep into each plugin’s feature set, dissecting its core functionalities. We looked at must-have features like countdown timers, email capture forms, social media integration, and SEO optimization.

Installation & Interface: We prioritized plugins that boast easy installation and user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to effortlessly customize your page with drag-and-drop ease.

What’s Unique: We understand that not all plugins are created equal. We looked for unique features that set certain plugins apart from the pack. Innovative design elements, advanced analytics, or integrations with popular marketing tools were definite bonus points.

By putting these plugins through this rigorous testing process, we were able to identify the very best that the WordPress community has to offer.

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What’s In This Guide?

What You Need in a Coming Soon Plugin?

With all plugins, you want to look for one that’s simple to use. When it comes to coming soon and Maintenance Mode plugins, here’s what we recommend looking out for:

  • Customization: Choose one that allows you to change colors, add pictures and custom logos, and make your site feel just like you want it.
  • Countdown Timer: This not only adds an element of anticipation but also communicates to visitors when your website will be fully accessible.
  • Contact Form: This allows users to engage with your site even during maintenance, leaving inquiries or messages.
  • 1-click Enable/Disable: These modes are a functionality that you’ll want to temporarily enable on your site, so you want a plugin with a a smooth deactivation process. Once your website is ready to go live, the plugin should seamlessly step aside without leaving any residual impact on the user experience.
  • Responsive: Make sure the plugin is responsive so that your page design will look good on desktop and mobile devices.

Aside from this, you can also look for features like a subscription form to build your email list, video backgrounds, and social sharing.

And, you also want to make sure to pick a plugin that has affordable pricing.

Now, let’s check out the best WordPress plugins to create a coming soon or maintenance mode page.

The Best Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugins

1. SeedProd

SeedProd Page Builder

SeedProd is the best coming soon and maintenance mode plugin for WordPress. It’s #1 on our list for a reason.

This plugin makes it easy to enable or disable coming soon/maintenance mode simply by clicking a button. So for instance, if you want to enable the maintenance mode page, there’s an ‘active’ button like this:

Activate maintenance mode

It also comes with a whole library of templates that you can use to set up your placeholder page in under 5 minutes. The designs are stunning on their own and you can create specific pages for different brands or purposes. Plus, there’s a drag and drop builder with a live preview to customize your page to your liking.

You can change the images, colors, text, buttons, and so on on the front end so you know how it will look when it’s live.

Social profiles in SeedProd builder

It has all the elements you can think of including optin form, progress bar, animated headline, icon, countdown timer, social profile, and more.

With the countdown timer, you can let visitors know exactly when your site will be live again. This helps create excitement and anticipation for your upcoming content or updates. You can also embed your own video or a YouTube video URL.

What really stands out is its integration with WooCommerce. This lets you take pre-orders even before your site launches.

Aside from this, SeedProd also lets you create a login page so that only members can log into your site. You can also create and display a custom 404 error page.

SeedProd has SEO-friendly settings, ensuring that search engines understand the temporary nature of your coming soon or maintenance page. In Maintenance Mode, the plugin returns a 503 header status that lets Google know your site is down for maintenance.

What really stands out is that SeedProd gives you the power to control who can access your site during maintenance. So you can grant access to specific user roles or IP addresses such as your clients, freelancers, or team members.

SeedProd is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that it won’t compromise your site’s performance even when in maintenance mode. Your visitors will experience smooth navigation, and you can carry out updates without worrying about slowdowns.

SeedProd Features

  • 1-click coming soon and maintenance mode
  • Readymade page templates
  • Customizable with drag and drop builder
  • Countdown timers
  • User access control
  • Email subscribe forms
  • Social media integration
  • eCommerce integration

Who Is SeedProd Best For?

SeedProd is the #1 coming soon and maintenance mode plugin for everyone! Its features, interface, and user experience are simply unmatched.

If you want a highly customizable coming soon or a maintenance page without any coding knowledge, SeedProd is the right plugin for you.

You can easily create stunning landing pages with its drag-and-drop builder, access a wide range of professionally designed templates, and integrate with popular email marketing services to capture leads even before the website is live.

SeedProd Pricing

There’s a free plugin available in the WordPress.org plugin repository that gives you all the essential features you need to enable/disable coming soon and maintenance mode and display a beautiful placeholder page.

The premium page builder with built-in coming soon and maintenance mode starts at $39.50 per year.

Get started with SeedProd »

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is another powerful page builder plugin for WordPress that comes with built-in coming soon mode. Similar to SeedProd, you can enable coming soon mode using a toggle switch.

Thrive Architect also comes with hundreds of landing page templates and a drag-and-drop interface to design your coming soon page.

You can design a visually appealing coming soon page using the elements provided by Thrive Architect. These include text blocks, images, countdown timers, social media icons, and other design components.

This builder also lets you add a countdown timer element to your page. You can customize it to show the time remaining until your site is live.

You can integrate with tons of email and marketing services like Mailchimp, MailerLite, HubSpot, GoToWebinar, Google Drive, and GetResponse.

Thrive Architect Features

  • Great drag-and-drop builder
  • Lightweight, designed for best speed
  • Predesigned templates
  • Hover effects and animations
  • Integrates easily with other Thrive Theme tools

Who Is Thrive Architect Best For?

Thrive Architect is best for bloggers, businesses, and large businesses that are conversion-focused. You can create high-converting coming soon pages with the visual editor. You’ll have all the right elements you need to design pixel-perfect layouts, and add engaging elements such as call-to-action buttons and testimonials.

It doesn’t stop there, Thrive lets you optimize for conversions with built-in A/B testing functionality. Added to that, Thrive Architect provides seamless integration with other Thrive Suite plugins for advanced marketing automation and lead generation.

Thrive Architect Pricing

Thrive Architect costs just $79/year. You’ll get the entire page builder with coming soon and maintenance mode. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

Get started with Thrive Architect »

3. Divi Coming Soon

Divi Builder

Divi, a popular WordPress theme and theme builder by Elegant Themes. It has a free third-party plugin called Divi Coming Soon that you can use to set your Divi website into maintenance mode and choose a single page to display to anyone who isn’t logged in.

So only admins and editors will see the site as normal and can work on it under construction.

The Coming Soon feature in Divi allows you to enable a temporary page that informs website visitors that your site is under construction or undergoing maintenance. This is particularly useful when you are working on updates or building a new website.

You can customize the content of the coming soon page. This typically includes adding a custom message, background image, and any other relevant information.

It also lets you add email optin forms to grow your subscriber list even before you launch your website.

Divi Features

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Seamlessly integrates with WordPress
  • Page templates and layouts
  • Countdown times,
  • Email optin forms
  • Social media follow buttons

Who Is Divi Best For?

For those who enjoy complete design freedom. Divi’s all-in-one builder and extensive library are ideal for crafting visually stunning coming-soon experiences.

Keep in mind that Divi is a powerful page builder that offers endless design possibilities. It comes with an intuitive interface and a vast selection of pre-made layouts and modules. You’ll be able to effortlessly create visually stunning pages tailored to your brand identity.

Divi also stands out for its responsive designs. Your users will have a seamless user experience across all devices. Plus, its extensive documentation and supportive community make it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Divi Pricing

The Divi Coming Soon plugin is free. Divi starts at $89 per year. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

Get started with Divi »

4. CMP

CMP by Niteo Themes

CMP by Niteo Themes stands for Coming Soon & Maintenance Pages. It offers customizable templates, letting you match the look and feel of your brand effortlessly. You can also set custom backgrounds, giving your page a personalized touch.

Want to keep your audience in the loop? CMP allows you to collect email addresses right from the Coming Soon page, so you can notify people when your site is ready to launch.

It also integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to track visitor data and engagement.

Also, CMP lets you control who sees your site under construction – you can limit access to certain IP addresses or grant access with a secret link.

CMP Features

  • Predefined themes and layouts
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Background 3D effects
  • GDPR ready
  • Configurable SEO meta tags for search engines
  • Supports WPML and Polylang
  • Allows custom CSS code

Who Is CMP Best For?

Perfect for those looking for a free and basic coming soon/maintenance mode plugin. It lets you activate maintenance mode with a single click, customize things easily, while keeping things lightweight.

CMP Pricing


Get started with CMP »

5. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon by wpdevart

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is a free WordPress plugin to put your site into maintenance mode. The plugin is super easy to set up, making it a breeze for anyone.

Designing a simple coming soon/maintenance page is easy too. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to fit your site’s style. The coming soon & maintenance plugin lets you link your social media profiles directly from the page, making it easy for visitors to follow you for updates.

This plugin also comes with the option to hide it from search engines and allow only specific users to access your site. In the pro version, you also get countdown timers, animation effects, and background sliders.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Features

  • Customizable under construction page
  • User friendly back-end
  • SEO-friendly maintenance page
  • Mobile-ready designs
  • Animation effects and background sliders
  • Countdowns, optin forms, animations
  • Progress bar

Who Is Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Best For?

This plugin offers a good balance of features with countdown timers, email capture forms, and multiple templates to suit various needs.

The free plugin is very basic. You’ll need the premium version if you want to customize your background and elements.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Pricing

There’s a free plugin available. The Pro plugin starts at $14.

Get started with Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode »

6. Coming Soon by Wpshopmart

Coming soon plugin by wpshopmart

Coming Soon by Wpshopmart is a user-friendly tool designed to enhance your website’s under-construction or coming soon page. It ensures a sleek and professional look on all devices with its responsive design and clean retina display, making your website stand out.

From logo settings to background choices, text and color updates, and even custom CSS for personalized styling, the plugin offers comprehensive customization options.

With features like CSS3 animations, HTML5 support, and SEO-friendly settings, the plugin covers the basics effectively. You can customize your page with a single image background or choose from multiple slideshow background options, all while having the flexibility of unlimited color schemes.

It provides essential elements like a countdown timer, “About Us” section, “Contact Info” section, and more.

Coming Soon by Wpshopmart Features

  • Flexible and user-friendly setup
  • All browser compatible
  • SEO-friendly
  • 500+ Google Fonts
  • Access control
  • Built on Bootstrap3 Framework

Who Is Coming Soon by Wpshopmart Best For?

The free plugin lets you use one simple design template and a countdown timer to hide your website. If you want more options, you have to subscribe to the pro plan.

Coming Soon by Wpshopmart Pricing

Free and paid version. The pro plugin costs $19 for 6 months.

Get started with Coming Soon by Wpshopmart »

7. LightStart

LightStart coming soon plugin

LightStart by ThemeIsle is a WordPress plugin that brings a refreshing approach to creating stylish and efficient coming soon pages for your website. With its user-friendly design, LightStart offers a hassle-free setup, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users alike.

The plugin provides a straightforward interface, allowing you to quickly set up a visually appealing coming soon or maintenance page. Whether you’re launching a new website or performing updates, LightStart ensures a professional and polished look during the downtime.

You can effortlessly connect your social profiles, enabling visitors to stay engaged and informed about your website’s progress.

The plugin also makes sure your page loads quickly, providing a smooth experience for your visitors. With its clean and well-documented code, LightStart is optimized for efficiency while maintaining ease of use.

LightStart Features

  • Fully customizable
  • Block-powered layouts
  • Chatbot to collect emails
  • Works with any theme
  • Easy to setup
  • Supports WordPress multisite networks

Who Is LightStart Best For?

Best suited for WordPress users who prioritize speed and performance. The LightStart plugin is lightweight so it minimizes website loading times and resource usage. You can create simple yet effective placeholder pages to inform visitors about site downtime or upcoming launches.

LightStart Pricing


Get started with LightStart »

8. Minimal

Minimal coming soon plugin

Minimal by WebFactory Ltd., helps you create a simple yet effective coming soon or maintenance page for your WordPress website. It caters to users looking for a clean and uncluttered design.

With a focus on minimalism, this plugin offers a straightforward setup. Users can choose from a selection of basic templates and adjust key elements such as background color, text, and logo.

While it may not offer an extensive range of customization features, the plugin offers simplicity. This ensures that users can achieve a sleek and cohesive look without overwhelming options.

The Minimal Coming Soon plugin ensures a fast loading time for the coming soon page, maintaining a smooth and responsive experience for visitors.

Minimal Features

  • Simple and flexible
  • GDPR compliant
  • Connects with MailChimp API
  • Custom CSS and HTML
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Visible to only non-logged-in users

Who Is Minimal Best For?

Targeted towards WordPress users who prefer a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Choose template, adjust basic settings such as background images and text colors, and easily add essential elements like countdown timers and subscription forms.

Minimal Pricing

Free. Pro version starts at $39 per year.

Get started with Minimal »

9. Simple Maintenance

Simple maintenance mode plugin

Simple Maintenance is a free plugin that was developed with simplicity in mind. This plugin offers a hassle-free way to notify your visitors that your site is temporarily undergoing maintenance or updates.

All you have to do is activate the plugin and the maintenance mode page will be displayed.

You’ll see a big heading that says ‘Maintenance Mode’ followed by a message that states “This website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try back again soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

You cannot edit or customize this page. It’s a simple generic design that will match most websites.

It’s best for those who don’t need a custom page. This is rather straightforward where you enable or disable the plugin to activate or deactivate maintenance mode.

Simple Maintenance Features

  • Lightweight
  • No customization options
  • Activate the plugin to turn on maintenance mode

Who Is Simple Maintenance Best For?

Geared toward WordPress users who need a straightforward and hassle-free way to inform visitors about site maintenance, Simple Maintenance offers a no-nonsense approach to displaying a temporary placeholder page.

Simple Maintenance Pricing


Get started with Simple Maintenance »

10. Slim Maintenance

Slim maintenance mode

Slim Maintenance is a simple WordPress maintenance mode plugin. Similar to Simple Maintenance, all you have to do is activate the plugin on your site.

The Slim Maintenance mode plugin will hide your website from all non-logged in users and display a simple white page with a message that says ” Maintenance – Please check back soon.”

It will also send an HTTP response status code 503 Service Unavailable, especially relevant for search engines.

Only administrators will be able to view and work on the website. If you have any other user roles on your site, they won’t be able to access it.

To deactivate maintenance mode, you need to deactivate the plugin. It’s that simple.

You cannot change the message or design. There is no settings page available for this plugin. That said, you can display the message in a number of languages available.

Slim Maintenance Features

  • No settings page
  • Alert message in the backend if the plugin is active
  • Works with any theme
  • Support Cachify, LiteSpeed Cache, Super Cache, WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache

Who Is Slim Maintenance Best For?

For small or beginner websites who only have 1 or 2 admins managing the website. When activated, only admins can access the website to work on it.

Slim Maintenance Pricing


Get started with Slim Maintenance »

11. Under Construction

Underconstruction by Web Factory

Under Construction lets you create and display a maintenance or coming soon page in under a minute.

You can schedule a start and end date and time. Then the plugin will automatically enable and disable under construction mode accordingly.

It gives you granular access control. You can whitelist User Roles such as editor and author so that they can see the site, instead of under construction page. It also lets you whitelist specific users to have access to other website.

The Under Construction plugin has partnered with Weglot, so it is fully multilanguage ready and you can instantly translate your under construction page to 100+ languages with one click.

Under Construction Features

  • Automatic start and end time
  • Works with all themes
  • Customizable content
  • Optin box or popup
  • Supports custom CSS
  • Works with Google Analytics Tracking ID
  • Supports popular social icons and links

Who Is Under Construction Best For?

Best for those who want to schedule maintenance mode pages to appear and disappear at set periods

Under Construction Pricing

Free. The premium plugin starts at $49 per year.

Get started with Under Construction »

That’s our list of the best coming soon and maintenance mode plugins for WordPress.

Having so many choices can leave you confused. So we’ll give you our top pick.

Verdict: Which is the Best WordPress Coming Soon and Maintenance Plugin?

SeedProd is the best WordPress Coming Soon plugin. It’s hands down the most powerful one available.

It’s designed to be easy to use as you just have to click buttons to design your page and enable these modes. You never have to touch any coding.

You can do this with the free version making it accessible to everyone! There’s a premium version for advanced features.

It also integrates with email marketing services like Constant Contact and AWeber, and comes with SEO-friendly settings.

Need to grant access to specific people? SeedProd has you covered.

It comes with everything you’ll need. Plus, you can continue to use SeedProd to design your entire website. You can publish stunning landing pages for promotions, sales, blogs, and more. It comes with beautiful premade theme kits and page templates for any purpose.

Plus, it integrates with WooCommerce so you can sell products and services too.

We hope you found this review helpful. You may also want to check out the Best WordPress Caching Plugins to boost your site’s speed and performance.

FAQs on WordPress Coming Soon and Maintenance Plugins

How do I install a coming soon plugin on WordPress?

Installing a Coming Soon plugin is easy.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to “Plugins,”
  • Click on “Add New,”
  • Search for your preferred Coming Soon plugin
  • Click “Install” and then “Activate.”
  • After activation, you can configure the settings.

What happens if a visitor tries to access my site during the Coming Soon or Maintenance period?

Visitors trying to access your site will be redirected to the Coming Soon or Maintenance page. This helps manage expectations and keeps them informed about the temporary unavailability of the site.

Can I use a coming soon page plugin for ongoing maintenance tasks?

Absolutely. Most coming soon plugins also come with maintenance mode. You can enable coming soon mode too to perform updates, fix issues, or make changes without disrupting the user experience for your visitors. Make sure to display an appropriate maintenance mode page.

Are there free coming soon and maintenance mode plugins available?

Yes, there are both free and premium plugins available. SeedProd has both free and premium versions.

How do I add coming soon to Elementor?

  • Create a Coming Soon page in Elementor
  • Go to Elementor » Tools » Maintenance Mode page
  • Under mode selector, choose Coming Soon
  • Select the User Roles you want to grant access
  • Select the template you created in the dropdown selector
  • Save your changes

Can I add social media links to the coming soon page?

Most coming soon plugins let you add social media links, allowing visitors to connect with your social profiles even before your website is fully launched.

Can I restrict access to certain users during the Coming Soon or Maintenance period?

Yes, some plugins like SeedProd provide options to restrict access based on user roles. This allows you to grant specific users, such as administrators, access to the site even when the coming soon or maintenance mode is active. If you are looking to whitelist specific IP addresses, Sucuri lets you do that.

That’s all we have. If you want to display eye-catching popups, fullscreen mats, and floating bar notifications, OptinMonster is the best tool for that.

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